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Coffee Break spins from America’s caffeine obsession and the relentless, aggressive advertising that once dominated the radio airwaves, and focuses on a crew of working men and women who seldom leave the corridors, offices and infrastructures of a single building, for whom the coffee break is a brief respite of humanity and a glimmer of camraderie. Atop them is a supervisor, and atop him, an arrogant anthill of bosses with schemes, theories, controls and disciplines.

Coffee Break is comedy, rife with satire on the limited, and self-limiting, perspectives of workers who know little else than work, but it goes deeper, showing how those at every level of a company enact the inept cruelties of their bosses upon those below them, so that even a janitors’ workroom or a restroom stall, becomes a place of surveillance. 


(Blurb by Brett Rutherford.)





Pieter completed the Final Draft of his first novel in 2015. It is currently under revision and will be formatted and printed in hardcover.  The novel is primarily set in the India Point District of Providence, RI.  

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